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Spring Gourmet Citrus

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Florida Tangerines 22
From Sampler $38.99
Sweet, Juicy Easy-Peeling Tangerines!
Tangerines & Oranges 22
From 1 Tray $49.99
Always a great choice. Sweet and Easy - What a combination!
Tangerines & Grapefruit 22
From 1 Tray $49.99
Juicy Tangerines and Ruby Red Grapefruit. Please the Whole Family!
Alaska Shipments 22
From $47.99
Ship to Alaska
Temple Oranges 22
From $36.99
The Brightest Flavor of all Citrus!
Temples & Ruby Red Grapefruit 22
From $47.99
Combo of Bright Temples and Ruby Red Grapefruit!
Valencia Oranges 22
From $38.99
Sweetness comes to life in this Spring Orange.
Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit 22
From $49.99
Combine these Two favorites for a gift that won't be forgotten.
Spring Triple Treat 22
Temples, Tangerines & Grapefruit
Always a great choice. Sweet and Tart - What a combination!
Honey Tangerines & Spring Oranges 22
From $46.99
Ripe in the Spring, What a combination!
Priority Mail Express 22
From $46.99
Ship to Arrive in 2-3 Days