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Six Month Plan - Double Honeybells 2021-22
Six Month Plan - Double Honeybells 2021-22

Six Month Plan - Double Honeybells 2021-22

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  • NOTE: The shipping dates shown in your confirmation of Monthly Plan orders are approximate rather than a promise. The actual ship date will be determined each month based on weather conditions, crop maturity, and other variables. We prefer to choose the ship date based on the flavor and quality of the fruit, rather than a calendar date. When the fruit arrives, it'll be good!

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Approx 40 lbs each Delivery - $504.75
Approx 20 lbs each Delivery - $350.55
Approx 10 lbs each Delivery - $261.15
Approx 5-7 lbs each Delivery - $202.75
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10% off Regular Price
We have doubled the Honeybells for you!

Shipment Varieties:

Tangerines in November
Navels in December
Honeybells in January
Honeybells in February - We knew that you'd be wanting more!
Honey Tangerines in March
Valencias in April

All can be combined with Ruby Red Grapefruit any month

Fruit Plans can be shipped to TX, CA, LA or AZ in November - March

All packages must be to same recipient/address to get the plan savings.

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