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Shipping Information

Shipping Charges  Spyke's Grove Processing and Handling charges are Per Package

Package Tracking   We ship your gift via Fedex, your tracking number will be sent to you via email.  

Delivery Time For most of the season orders that we receive by Tuesday morning will be shipped by the end of that week and arrive the next. Packages to Canada, TX, CA, LA and   AZ follow a different schedule.

Packages to Canada  We ship to Canada only on certain days. Transportation costs are higher so there is a Canadian Shipping surcharge added to Canadian Shipments.

Packages to TX, CA, LA and AZ These states have citrus groves of there own.  (Of course their fruit is not as wonderful as Our Florida Citrus) We have to follow special protocol for these packages.  Therefore they follow a unique shipping schedule. 

Is the Fruit you're Receiving "Organic"?

Here's a note from Brother Pete to explain the answer and a wonderful Video about his achievements.  We couldn't be prouder or more honored to have him growing the Family Citrus.  

" Many people ask whether our fruit is "organic". We don't pursue organic certification through an agency, which is required in order to claim the products are organic. However, we utilize organic principles and practices, and limit the use of sprays and other materials that can cause environmental harm. Therefore, while we do not claim the fruit to be "organic", we can promise that it is safe, and that our production practices have receive numerous awards and recognition for our environmental responsibility, including the State of Florida Environmental Leadership Award from Florida Department of Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson."?  See Video Here: Arapaho Environmental Award.