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Make it Deluxe! Oranges or Mixed Fruit
Deluxe Gift

Make it Deluxe! Oranges or Mixed Fruit

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  • Make it Deluxe! Add some sweet excitement  to your gift .

    Orange Blossom Honey, Coconut Patties and Tropical Marmalades.

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Gift Size
1 Tray Deluxe Oranges/Grapefruit....9lbs....$54.99 (1NRD)
1 Tray Deluxe Oranges....9lbs....$54.99 (1DO)
2 Tray Deluxe Navels/Grapefruit....18lbs....$71.99 (2NRD)
2 Tray Deluxe Navels....18lbs....$71.99 (2DO)
3 Tray Deluxe Navels/Grapefruit....27lbs....$83.99 (3NRD)
3 Trays Deluxe Navels....27lbs....$83.99 (3DO)
4 Trays Deluxe Navels/Grapefruit....36lbs....$96.99 (4NRD)
4 Tray Deluxe Navels....36lbs....$96.99 (4DO)
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Make it Deluxe!
Add Coconut Patties, Two Marmalades & Orange Blossom Honey

Add some extra excitement to our taste-tempting Citrus packages by making them Deluxe!
Choose Oranges & Grapefruit Deluxe or Oranges Deluxe

Orange Variety in November, December & January will be Navels
February Temples
March and April Valencias

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