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Current Events

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November - Recently I had the chance to walk through one of the groves with my brother,  it’s always so much fun.  He walks along talking about the fruit and the trees.  I’m trailing behind, both hands dripping with juice, literally held out from my sides dripping with juice.  He chooses a fruit, picks it, cuts it in half, cuts a slice and drops it into my eagerly awaiting hands.  The 1st slice I’d dropped so now I have both hands cupped underneath so that I don’t miss.  I seem so eager sometimes he just gives me the whole half.  He must have cut 20 oranges as we walked along.  The juice is just dripping everywhere.  If you’ve had Spyke’s citrus in your home you know how it smells so delicious throughout the kitchen when you slice up an orange.  Next time close your eyes, picture yourself in the grove, on a cloudless day, 73 degrees. Heaven.    ps. Sorry no pictures - my hands were too juicy to take pictures. -- Barbara

September 25th, The catalog is going to press on Monday.  The citrus is almost ripe on the tree.  We are excited for the 2015 Season to begin!

January 31st, We are happy for some cool weather (40's) in Central Florida.  The honeybells are expected to stay on the tree for another week.

Today I was reminded of "Sleepless in Seattle" when I peeled a Honeybell in" one long, curly strip".
Honeybell Peel

January 2013 The first "picking" of Honeybells today.  They will be in the store tomorrow, washed and beautiful.  Honeybell lovers seem to be in a class of their own.  Honeybellers wait all year for the month of January to be able to savor the one orange that they love.  So for the next month I welcome all you Honeybellers to come in and we'll share a Honeybell together. 

October 25, 2012  The first Citrus of the Season has come in.  I'm always so happy to bite into the first Navel of the season.  I miss them so much all summer long.  This year,s crop taste so sweet. I wish I could push the flavor through the screen to you.

First of the Season Navels

September 30, 2012   We've had a great summer you can click over to the Tropical Nursery Website on the top tabs to see what we've been up to. 

February 19th.  We attended the Miami Dolphins Business Trade
Alliance at the stadium.  It was fun to hear Mr Ireland, the General Manager and Coach Philbin talk about how excited they are about the upcoming season and the positive direction the team is going in for 2012.  Can't wait for the new season to begin, I miss Football already.  Many of the Alumni were there and I was lucky enough to get a picture with Mr Bob Griese.

Feb 1, 2012 - Just to update those that have been around Spyke's for awhile, Mom is doing great.  She still lives in the house on the property and enjoys hearing about the events at work at the end of every day.