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About Us

Spykes Grove, Inc

[email protected]
PO Box 690632
Vero Beach, FL US
Our family business began in 1946 under the name of Garner & Spyke Fruit Co. in downtown Ft. Lauderdale by H.L. Spyke and a friend from the Navy. That year, when his partner sold out, Mr. Spyke's son, Harry H., joined the company, which became H.L. Spyke & Son Fruit Co. In 1950, in an effort to keep a steady supply of Fresh Fruit to the downtown store, a grove was purchased in Davie, on the outskirts of Ft. Lauderdale. As Ft. Lauderdale grew, people began stopping at the grove for fruit instead of driving into town. The grove became so popular with tourists and locals that the downtown location was sold and all efforts were focused on the Davie location. When a local zoo closed down, Spyke and family adopted the homeless animals which added more to the local attraction. Toby the Bear and JoJo the Bear enjoyed a long life showing off for visitors from around the world. Harry H. took over the business in 1959 after his father passed away. He renamed it "Spyke's Grove" and steered the business to new growth. Folks stopped by to fill their cars with Fresh Spyke's Citrus, "You just can't get up north". This grew into the shipping of oranges and grapefruit as gifts. Now the third generation, Barbara (Me) continues the legacy.
       Spyke's has always been known for Juicy, Sweet Citrus and personal service for our patrons. It's important that our customers keep coming back year after year.  That's "Our Spyke's Grove Tradition".

 This is the store in town - Bobby Tiger wrestling a Gator - I do not look to be too happy
  sitting in the basket.  Probably because I was supposed to sit still, which I did not do well.

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