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It's that time of year again!  I love it.  The moon is so full, the air has changed and we are headed into another Spyke's citrus season.  As farmers we worry all summer. Will it rain enough, will it rain too much. Will we get a Hurricane, can we keep up with the mowing and the planting.

And you know what? We can't imagine having any other kind of summer. As we work we look toward the fall season and know that soon we will have that exciting feeling of picking the fruits of our labor. 

I hit 60 years old this summer and I've lived this life since birth.  Hot summers blending into excited Holiday Seasons.  It's been such a very good life. 

I want to thank you for that life.  Like any business I couldn't do what I do without you.  I want you to know that I appreciate you.  I know its not always easy with a small business, our phones get wacky, a seasonal employee doesn't do the right thing, silly things.  Through it all you have enjoyed our fruit and continued to trust us to send gifts to your friends and family. 

So here we go full force into 2019-20.  The fruit is ripe and we are ready!  

   Again, I Thank You for your support and wish you the Happiest and Healthiest of Holiday Seasons,
Cell 954-309-1842

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Florida Navel Oranges
From Sampler $32.99
Florida's Finest Navel Oranges, Super Sweet!
Florida Navels & Grapefruit
From 1 Tray $42.99
Sweet Navels & Delicious Ruby Red Grapefruit!
Florida Tangerines
From Sampler $34.99
Sweet, Juicy Easy-Peeling Tangerines!
Honeybells from Florida!
From $35.99
You all know about Honeybells. Legions of fans everywhere!
Mango Trees
Mango Trees
Ruby Red Grapefruit
From Sampler $32.99
Beautiful Grapefruit
Variety Packs with Honeybells

Wonderful Variety Packs including Honeybells