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Shipping Trees for the Summer!   Our Delicious Citrus Gifts will be ripe again Fall 2021!

A note about our summer 2021 -  Here in the Davie, FL location we sell / install and ship fruit trees from the Nursery.  The last year has found folks working on their own Backyard paradise. We've been really busy supplying some of our 95 varieties of fruit trees and advice to help get that started.  

Call 954-583-1987 to speak directly to the nursery. See the Nursery Website at spykestropicalnursery.com

Again, I Thank You for your support or this 3rd Generation Family Business,


Pointer for placing orders for multiple recipients: Go you "my account", scroll down to "My Address Book" choose "+add new address" to add or modify all of your recipients. Be sure to use an "alias" that will identify each person.  Then when you go to enter your order all the addresses will already be in the pull down menu.

Florida Navel Oranges -  Available November 2021
From Sampler $34.99
Florida's Finest Navel Oranges, Super Sweet!
Mango Trees
Mango Trees
Tropical Fruit Trees
95 Varieties of Trees
Starting at $59.95 Shipped.