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The 2022-23 Season!

We are currently shipping Scarlet Navels, Grapefruit and a variety of Tangerines.

 For exact varieties of Tangerines please call the office.  

I'd just like to say a few words about where things are for me.  I've closed the Tropical Fruit Tree nursery in Davie. This was the 2nd location of "Spyke's Grove".  The 1st was a grocery store on 2nd Ave in Downtown Ft Lauderdale, that was back in the 40's.  When I closed the Davie location I technically retired, yay me.  My brother Pete who has always been the citrus grower of the family is still out working the family groves and has the picking and shipping responsibilities well covered.  So at least for this season we as a family are still shipping our Family Citrus.  It's going to be an interesting year.  A lot of fruit blew off the trees during the Florida storms this summer.  The good thing about that is some new varieties that we haven't been shipping but only selling in the retail storefront are going to be available for shipping.  So stay in close touch on what we are shipping at any given time.  As of this writing there are no Honeybells this season, but brother Pete has a plan up his sleeve to send out some pretty fantastic fruit as an interesting distraction in January.  I sure appreciate all of the years you have been a part of Spyke's Grove and love when you share your stories with me.  Thank you for allowing me to have such a wonderful life at this 3rd generation family business.


Pointer for placing orders for multiple recipients: Go you "my account", scroll down to "My Address Book" choose "+add new address" to add or modify all of your recipients. Be sure to use an "alias" that will identify each person.  Then when you go to enter your order all the addresses will already be in the pull down menu.


Again, I Thank You for your support or this 3rd Generation Family Business,


Florida Navel Oranges 23
From Sampler $38.99
Florida's Finest Navel Oranges, Super Sweet!
Florida Navels & Grapefruit 23
From 1 Tray $48.99
Sweet Navels & Delicious Ruby Red Grapefruit!
Florida Tangerines 23
From Sampler $40.99
Sweet, Juicy Easy-Peeling Tangerines!
Six Month Plan 2022-23 Pricing
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