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All Citrus & Fruit Gifts

Spyke's Grove picks Ripe from our Grove,
Carefully Packs your Gift and Rushes it to the Door!

Listed below are the varieties of Florida Citrus available for shipping.  For more information on Spyke's Grove, visit our Home Page.  Thanks!

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Alaska Shipments
From $39.99
Ship to Alaska
Valencia Oranges
From $31.99
Sweetness comes to life in this Spring Orange.
Valencia Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit
From $40.99
Combine these Two favorites for a gift that won't be forgotten.
Make it Deluxe! Oranges or Mixed Fruit
From $48.99
Add Coconut Patties & Marmalades
Ruby Red Grapefruit
From $29.99
Beautiful Grapefruit
Tropical Florida Rainbow
From $56.99
Bright & Cheery
TLC  Keepsake Gift
From $27.99
Magnificent Seven - Top Ten
From $34.99
For Holiday Table
Cutest Lil' Thank You
From $36.99
Grove Variety Basket
From $53.99
Old Fashioned Grove Basket
Honey Tangerines & Spring Oranges
From $40.99
Ripe in the Spring, What a combination!
Priority Mail Express
From $39.99
Ship to Arrive in 2-3 Days
Rooibus Tea Baskets
From $45.99
Tea Time
Bonus Box Trios
From $46.99
Kisses from the Tropics
A Tropical Favorite
Sweetest of the Sweet!
Tropical Hugs Basket
Send a Warm
Florida Hug!
Seville oranges - Sour Oranges

Just for cooking!