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It's that time of year again, and for most of us it's not easy finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones. This year you all can enjoy the happiness of the holidays with the gift of fresh Florida citrus. Whether your sending the thoughtful package to someone special or presenting it at your holiday meal, sharing these delicacies with the people in your life is the best gift of all. 

Put the shopping behind you and enjoy your holiday! Order now to ensure the gifts will be delivered on time.


Family Gift Basket
From $41.95
Perfect Gift Basket for every occasion!
Florida Navel Oranges
From $25.95
Florida's Finest Navel Oranges, Super Sweet!
Florida Navels & Grapefruit
From $28.95
Sweet Navels & Delicious Ruby Red Grapefruit!
Florida Tangerines
From $25.95
Sweet, Juicy Easy-Peeling Tangerines!
Gifts of All Honeybells!
From $27.95
You all know about Honeybells. Legions of fans everywhere!
Grove Variety Sampler
From $26.95
A Variety Showcase of Florida’s Finest Citrus!
Orlando Tangelos & Ruby Red Grapefruit
From $28.95
Honeybell's Cousin! Interesting, sweet flavor. Highly recommended!
Page Oranges & Navel Oranges
From $44.95
Sweetest of the Sweet!
Rainbow Grove & Orchard
Wonderful Assortment!
Rainbow Grove & Orchard
Tropical Fruit Trees
95 Varieties of Trees
Starting at $59.95 Shipped.