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     It’s been a quiet summer here in the groves, a normal summer.  We’ve been working on tractors and mowers as the trees have grown full of fruit.  It was sunny in the mornings and rained almost every afternoon.  Perfect weather for our Spyke’s Florida Citrus to grow sweet and juicy.  

     Everyone seemed to enjoy the look of the new catalog, so we kept the same format.  This makes it easy to find just the right gift for your family and friends.  Remember the shipping charge is only $12.99 per package even if you order the largest size.  We know you want to have enough fresh Vitamin C to last all Winter.   

     I will be working at the packing house in the middle of the state again this season.  Hard to reach me by cell phone in the country, but I’m able to keep a close eye on every package.  It’s a fair tradeoff and if you need me, send me an email and I’ll respond in the evenings.

    This time of the year I’m always excited for the season to get started.  Our fruit seems on-time for the first shipment November 8th. If Honeybells are your favorite, order early.  December 31st is the deadline for the earliest shipments of January Honeybells.

     I Thank You in advance for your support and wish you the Happiest and Healthiest of Holiday Seasons,

Barbara 954-309-1842

Early Season Tangerine Special
Fallglo Tangerines to Start the Season
Florida Navel Oranges
From $31.99
Florida's Finest Navel Oranges, Super Sweet!
Florida Navels & Grapefruit
From $41.99
Sweet Navels & Delicious Ruby Red Grapefruit!
Florida Tangerines
From $34.99
Sweet, Juicy Easy-Peeling Tangerines!
Gifts of All Honeybells!
From $35.99
You all know about Honeybells. Legions of fans everywhere!
Orlando Tangelos
From $31.99
Honeybell's Cousin! Interesting, sweet flavor. Highly recommended! Available November & December
Ruby Red Grapefruit
From $31.99
Beautiful Grapefruit
Six Month Plan
Send Six Months of Citrus
Variety Packs with Honeybells

Wonderful Variety Packs including Honeybells